Workshop “CRESCENTE” by SWAR SANGAM | 14-19 Oct 2019

Swar Sangam is established in 1966 as an autonomous non-profit institution. It is a B. K. BIRLA INSTITUTION supported by several educational institutions including international schools.

It helps to develop imagination and creativity by organising seminar, workshops and interactive demonstrations with renowned artists. It arranges outdoor sketching and field trips to encourage students to hold art exhibitions. These aim as to bring out the latent creativity in students.

Here, at BKBIET Campus, Pilani, Swar Sangam is organising a workshop including activities like Dramatics, Western & Contemporary Dance, Sculpture, Drawing & Painting, Western Vocal, etc

SWAR SANGAM Team are Ms Joyeeta Dutta(Co-ordinator), Mr Animesh Mahata (Sculpture), Mr Rishab Dwivedi (Drwaing and painting), Ms Madhurima Goswami(Drama), Mr Debdeep Mukherjee(Western Vocal) and Mr Arjun Gurang(Western Dance).

Dramatics – Activities connected with the theatre and drama, such as acting in plays or producing them.

Western & Contemporary Dance – It combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Sculpture, Drawing and Painting – It is a way to represent the information in diagrammatically way using pencil, colour brush, paint, etc.

Western Vocal – It might be monophonic, meaning all voices sing a single melody, or it might be polyphonic in which several melodies are sung at the same time.

Distinct Professionals from Swar Sanagam Team are here to set up the workshop for the students and faculties at BKBIET Campus.