You will be taught by leading educators who do not just understand the latest research and industry trends, but are often involved with it.

Most of them are members of various international and national conferences and seminars of utmost importance.

S.N. Name Designation DOJ Qualification Nature of Association (Regular/Contractual) Experince (in Years)
1 Dr. S M Prasanna Kumar Director 01-Feb-19 Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 38
2 Mr. K K Pareek GM Commercial 12-Apr-21 Chartered Accountant (F.C.A.) Regular 47
3 Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma Principal 12-Jan-23 Ph.D, M.E., AMIE Regular 36
Department: Aplied Science & Humanities (ASH)
1 Dr. Y.K.Gupta (Chemistry) Associate Professor & Head 2-Jul-07 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 28
2 Dr. Disha Meel (Chemistry) Associate Professor 1-Jul-11 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 11
3 Dr. Krishna Meel (Physics) Associate Professor 2-Jul-07 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 15
4 Dr. Manusmriti Sharma (English) Associate Professor 1-Aug-12 Ph.D, M.A., B.A. Regular 16
5 Dr. Anupama Sharma (Maths) Associate Professor 2-Jul-07 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 16
6 Dr. Vipin Kumar (Maths) Associate Professor 15-Jul-08 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 27
7 Ms. Vaishali Sharma (Chemistry) Assistant Professor 19-Sep-23 M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 01
8 Mr. Kesari Singh Yadav (Civil) Assistant Professor 1-Aug-23 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 03
9 Dr. Vikas Tailor (Maths) Assistant Professor 03-Oct-22 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 15
10 Dr. Rashmi  Sharma (Physics) Assistant Professor 1-Sep-08 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 14
11 Mr. Vikram Sharma  Assistant Professor 18-Feb-11 M.Tech, B.Sc Regular 12
12 Mr. Rajnikant Saini Assistant Professor 1-Jul-13 MBA, M.Com Regular 10
13 Mrs Deepika Gaur Assistant Professor 19-Feb-24 MBA, M.Com Regular  
14 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Yadav Assistant Professor 19-Feb-24 M.Tech Regular 2
Department:- Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)/AI/DS
1 Dr. Nimish Kumar Associate Professor & Head 1-Apr-11 Ph.D, M.Tech, B.E, MBA(Hr) Regular 24
2 Mr. Gopal Krishan Prajapat Assistant Professor 2-Aug-10 M.Tech, BE Regular 12
3 Mr. Gauttam Jangir Assistant Professor 10-Aug-09 ME, BE Regular 13
4 Mr. Dhanesh Kumar Assistant Professor 1-Feb-12 M.Tech, MCA Regular 22
5 Mrs.Reena Saini Assistant Professor 10-Aug-09 M.Tech, BCA Regular 14
6 Mr. Pradeep Singh Shekhawat Assistant Professor 2-Aug-10 M.Tech, BE Regular 13
7 Mr. Ramakant Soni Assistant Professor 2-Aug-10 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 12
8 Mr. Manoj Kataria Assistant Professor 1-Aug-14 M.Tech, AMIETE Regular 25
9 Mrs.Ruchi Sharma Assistant Professor 1-Mar-12 ME, MCA Regular 15
10 Mr. Reetesh Gautam Assistant Professor 1-Nov-16 M.Tech, B.Sc Regular 30
11 Mr. Sanjeev Sultania Assistant Professor 1-Jul-13 ME, M.Sc Regular 15
12 Dr. Monika Sharma Assistant Professor 3-Oct-23 Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 01
13 Dr. Abhishek Pandey Assistant Professor 4-Oct-21 Ph.D, ME, B.Tech Regular 10
14 Mr. Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor 1-Aug-09 M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 24
15 Mr. Narayan Kumar Assistant Professor 1-Nov-10 MCA, ITI, BA Regular 15
16 Mr. Anil Kumar Datika Assistant Professor 1-Aug-07 M.Tech, BA Regular 17
17 Mr. Likhama Ram Assistant Professor 6-Feb-23 M.Tech, B.Tech, PGDCA, Diploma Regular 08
18 Mr. Vijendra Saini Demonstrator 4-Sep-17 B-Tech, Diploma Regular 06
Department:- Information Technology (IT)
1 Dr. Nimish Kumar Associate Professor & Head 1-Apr-11 Ph.D, M.Tech, B.E, MBA(Hr) Regular 24
2 Dr.(Mrs.) Sonam Mittal Associate Professor 2-Aug-10 Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular 12
3 Mr. Vipin Saraogi Assistant Professor 16-Jan-12 ME, MCA Regular 12
4 Mr. Manoj Kumar Saini Assistant Professor 2-Jul-12 ME, BE Regular 13
5 Mr. Jitender Kumar Assistant Professor 2-Mar-10 M.Tech, BE Regular 12
6 Mr. Himanshu Verma Assistant Professor 10-Aug-09 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 16
7 Mr. Nachiket Sainis Assistant Professor 15-Nov-10 M.Tech, B.Sc Regular 12
8 Mr. Kamlesh Pareek Assistant Professor 1-Nov-16 MCA, BCA Regular 21
9 Mr. Bool Chand Kataria Assistant Professor 4-Apr-12 MCA, M.P.ed, B.P.ed, M.Sc, PGDCA Regular 25
10 Mr. Arun Kumar Soni Demonstrator 15-May-12 B.Tech, IT Regular 11
Department:- Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
1 Dr. Santosh Jangid Assistant Professor & Head 1-Apr-11 Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 23
2 Dr. Hasibur Rahaman Associate Professor 1-Apr-16 Ph.D, M.Tech, M.Sc Regular 15
3 Mr. Gaurav Sahu Assistant Professor 10-Aug-09 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 13
4 Dr. Vikas Poonia Assistant Professor 1-Aug-12 Ph.D, M.Tech, BE Regular 17
5 Mr. Ramesh Jangir Assistant Professor 3-Mar-10 M.Tech, BE. Regular 12
6 Mr. Keshav Khandelwal Assistant Professor 2-Aug-11 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 11
7 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Saini Assistant Professor 1-Mar-12 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 10
8 Ms. Monika Shekhawat Assistant Professor 1-Aug-12 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 10
9 Dr. Gaurav Verma Assistant Professor 25-Jan-23 Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 06
Department:- Electrical Engineering (EE)
1 Dr.(Mrs.) Smita Pareek Associate Professor & Head 15-Jul-08 Ph.D, ME, BE Regular 20
2 Mr. Rajesh Singh Shekhawat Assistant Professor 1-Sep-07 M.Tech, BE Regular 15
3 Mr. Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor 2-Aug-10 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 12
4 Mr. Anuj Sharma Assistant Professor 2-Jun-14 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 08
5 Dr. Nishant Kumar Assistant Professor 23-Jan-23 Ph.D, M.Tech, BE Regular 05
Department:- Mechanical Engineering (ME)
1 Mr. D.C.Sharma Assistant Professor & Head 2-Jul-07 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 32
2 Mr. Divesh Kumar Rohilla Assistant Professor 1-Feb-16 M.Tech, BE Regular 11
3 Mr. Chitranjan Kumar Assistant Professor 2-Jan-17 M.Tech, B.Tech Regular 09
Technical Staff (CS/IT/DS/AI)
1 Mr. Suresh Mokawat Technical Assistant Jul-97 Diploma Regular 26
2 Mr. Anup Kumar Vyas Technical Assistant 1-Jul-13 Diploma Regular 10
3 Mr. Javed Raja Technical Assistant 1-Jul-13 Diploma Regular 09
4 Mr. Deepak Saini Technical Assistant 1-Jun-12 Diploma Regular 11
5 Mr. Satveer Technical Assistant 1-Feb-16 Diploma Regular 07
6 Mr. Rajendra Saini Technical Assistant 21-Sep-17 Diploma Regular 06
7 Mr. Surendra Kr Sharma Lab Technician 6-Sep-07 Vocational Regular 28
8 Mr. Makkhan Lal Lab Technician 1-Jul-12 Vocational Regular 11
9 Mr. Ramchander Sonania Lab Technician 1-Sep-08 Pre University Regular 45
10 Mr. Naresh Demonstrator 2-Jul-07 Vocational Regular 16
Library Staff
1 Dr.(Mrs.) Neetu Gurjan Assistant Librarian 2-Jul-07 Ph.D, M.Phil, M.Lib, B.Lib Regular 20
2 Dr.(Mrs.) Sarita Jain Assistant Librarian 2-Jul-07 Ph.D,M.Lib,  B.Lib Regular 16
3 Mr. Jaswant Singh Library  Assistant 1-Sep-07 B.Lib Regular 16
1 Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Attendant 11-Jul-07 10th Pass Regular 16
2 Mr. Rajender RC Attendant 2-Jul-07 8th Pass Regular 16
3 Mr. Richpal Saini Attendant 2-Jul-07 7th Pass Regular 16
4 Mr. Deep Chand Attendant 1-Dec-05 8th Pass Regular 18
5 Mr. Pramod Sharma Attendant 1-May-07 10th Pass Regular 16
6 Mr. Sandeep Saini Attendant 1-Aug-07 10th Pass, ITI Regular 16
7 Mr. Jai Prakash Attendant 1-Apr-08 10th Pass Regular 15
8 Mr. Niraj Kr Sharma Attendant 27-Aug-08 10th Pass Regular 15
9 Mr. Suresh Meena Attendant 1-Sep-08 MA, ITI Regular 15
10 Mr. Pramod Kr Saini Attendant 4-Sep-08 10th Pass Regular 15
11 Mr. Ajay Singh Attendant 21-Oct-22 12th Pass Regular 01
12 Mr. Surendra Kumar Shankhala Attendant 1-Jun-23 10th Pass Regular 00
13 Mrs. Tulsi Devi Attendant 24-Jul-17 8th Pass Regular 06
14 Mr. Girish Ch Sharma Attendant 13-Sep-18 10th Pass Regular 05


Name Qualification Exp.
Dr Hasibur Rahaman M.Tech, Ph.D 15


Name Qualification Exp.
Mr Reetesh Gautam MCA, M.Tech 30


Name Qualification Exp.
Mr Sanjeev Sultania ME 15


Name Qualification Exp.
Mr Bool Chand Kataria M.P.Ed, MCA, M.Sc 21