Joy of Giving Week | Nirmaan BKBIET

‘We have only one passion the rise of great nation.’

NIRMAAN BKBIET works for the children who can not afford expensive educational assistance and don’t know ethiquettes .NIRMAAN aims to provide better educational assistance to the needy.
As the previous years, we had our major event named ‘JOY OF GIVING WEEK ‘ in the October,2019. The art of spreading joy is a great skill that every person should pick up. NIRMAAN BKBIET gave us this beautiful opportunity to join hands with people and spread the wave of unbounded joy, countless smiles and unfettered happiness. We all had been working for this event for the last month. JOGW-2019 was held from 1 October to 7 October.

1 October

“Hardwork pays”

Finally the day came when the most awaited event of NIRMAAN BKBIET named ‘ JOY OF GIVING WEEK’ revealed for the children under the patronage of same organization, which was inaugurated by Dean Dr. L Solanki & HOD of Mechanical department Mr. D C Sharma followed by other faculty members of the college.
The dedication of the volunteers can be seen through their work by giving their precious time for the decorations and preparation of the event.

Wish trees were established at different places in the college campus which contained wishes of the children of the organization. We could see enthusiasm and pleasure on the faces of the students and faculties when they read and fulfilled the wishes.

2 October

On this auspicious day of Gandhi jayanti we had our second event of JOGW named ‘Joy of Meal ‘ followed by ‘Joy of Tree Plantation ‘.

The day started with preparing Pav Bhaji in the hostel mess. We participated whole heartedly and enjoyed the moments which we had during the preparation of the food.

The prepared food was distributed among the helping hands of our college like mess workers and gaurds. We also visited ‘Sunshine Basti ‘ near our college and distributed the meal & sweets over there.

“वृक्ष धरा का आभूषण है,
करता दूर प्रदूषण है।”

So we also had tree plantation in the evening inside the college campus promoting greenery and pollution free planet.

3 October

“By playing games you can artificially speed up your learning curve to develop the right kind of thought processes.” It was quitely impressive day of JOGW 2019. On this day, in the noon the cricket match was organised between the non-technical staff and Nirmaan team and musical chair was organised for female staff, everyone was very happy and the feedback from non technical staff was great. “They told that they waited for that day every year. That was the only day on which they all play together and enjoyed a lot.”
And in the evening the ‘Damsharas’ and ‘kho-kho’ like games was organised for the Nirmaan kids and volunteers also enjoyed with them.

In the ending the refreshment was also given to them.

4 October

“Teaching is the best way to keep learning.”

It was a wonderful day of ‘JOY OF GIVING WEEK ‘ named ‘ JOY OF TEACHING’ .We were planning how to divide the NIRMAAN kids, so that we can organise a small and interesting competition among them .We decided to divide them according to their classes .We divided them in 4 groups- Class 1 to 5, Class 6 to 8, Class 9 to 10, Class 11 to 12

We decided some test such as- Drawing, Colouring, Sudoku,Spot the difference,Word finding etc.Many chlidren did not know how to solve Sudoku so the volunteers enlightened them about Sudoku and other puzzels, after which the children were extremely eager to solve more and more puzzles.Except the volunteers, other students of the college also participated in the event to help the children.They were so happy to meet and interact with Nirmaan kids.They gave their feedback very positively and also appreciated our work and effort .The winners of the competition were given prizes by the students of the college who participated in the event.After the event the fruits and juices were distributed among the students.

5 October

Clothes signify dignity. They signify protection. By donating such an amenity, BKBIETIANS helped some people.

A small act from our hand can mean a lot to someone else. Nirmaan BKBIET would like to thank everyone who took part in this cloth collection drive. Let us continue this tradition in the future and extend a helping hand to the less privileged, bridging disparities and thereby making the world a slightly better place to live in.

It was the great experience of serving needy people, we visited four bastis in pilani and gave them the clothes and toys that were collected from our hostels or were given by some teachers, we gave clothes to the small children, ladies and the men.They all were very happy and gave us lots of blessings.

6 October

“Museums are the place where time is transformed into space.”

It was the second last day of ‘JOY OF GIVING WEEK ‘ named ‘JOY OF TRIP ‘.We have visited Birla Museum situated at BITS,Pilani. It has been divided into various section including space, Bio-diversity , miniatures of several factories.The volunteers of Nirmaan Organization helped children to make them know about the artifacts in brief.Children have enjoyed a lot and discovered new things.They were too curious to know about everything present in the museum and they said that they desired to have more visits like that day. They were given refreshments after the visit.

7 October

Here the final day came where we have to end our ” JOY OF GIVING WEEK” of this year. This was the last day of JOGW named ‘JOY OF WISH DISTRIBUTION AND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION’. We collected all the wishes of Nirmaan kids from donators who wanted to fullfil the wishes.The wishes were distributed by our director S.M Prasanna Kumar sir, principal of our college Dr. L Solanki sir, Lata mam and Kritika mam were also present there. After distributing all the gifts the cake was also cut by our director sir and Nirmaan kids.Then, the children were given refreshments.

All the teachers presented in the event appreciated our work and gave us blessings to do such kind of great deeds.

The children were so happy to have their wishes.

Hereby, ‘JOY OF GIVING WEEK’ ended with full of joy and pleasure. We are grateful to our volunteers for their constant efforts.They all were enthusiastic and dedicated for the event.