BIC & ACM – Workshop on Linux & Image Processing | Maximus | Basic IoT

BIC & ACM has organized two workshops and a non-technical event

(i) Workshop on Linux and Image Processing using Python on 10th of Aug 2019 in association with ACM chapter
(ii) A non-technical event ‘Maximus: 8 bit gaming and player unknown battleground’ 23rd of Aug 2019 in association with ACM chapter
(iii) Workshop on basic IoT (Internet of Things) on 10th – 11th of Sep 2019 in association with ACM chapter.

Workshop on Linux &Image Processing using Python

The workshop was conducted on 10 August 2019 with the collaboration of ACM BKBIET. The purpose of this workshop was to interact with the freshman and increase their interest towards trending technology.

The workshop was completed into two halves.
First part of the workshop was focused on image processing using python. A presentation on image processing was given explaining what is image processing, its application and future use. A basic face detection project explained and it was practically performed using python. Numpy ,opencv and pandas libraries were used.

In the second half a brief description on linux was given covering its usage and its importance in ethical hacking and cyber security. A hands on project showing how to retrieve data from different directories using command line was made. The workshop was a great success. Student learnt the basic usable application of both linux and image processing. Their enthusiasm was at top notch and they performed remarkably well.

Speakers – Harshit Kalal (on Image Processing) (IT) (IV Year)
Dev Bansal (on Linux) (CS) (III Year)
Kamyani Goswami (on linux) (CS) (III Year)
Coordinators – Vedant Dhaulakhandi (EC) (IV Year)
Dev Bansal (CS) (III Year)

Maximus(8 bit gaming and Player UnknownBattleground)

Maximus is a 8 bit gaming event which have been celebrated every year as a tribute to our 90s era games which all of us loved in our childhood. Maximus was conducted by ACM BKBIET with the collaboration of BIC. This event covered some eye catching games like road rush, contra, Super Mario, Tekken 3 , Pac man etc. With some old games, a trending game (Player UnknownBattleground) was also conducted to give them a hands on experience on laptop. This event attracted a huge crowd and some of them might have gone into the memory lane.

Coordinator(8 bit gaming) – Ashutosh Rungta (CS) (II Year)
Ayushi Dokwal (CS) (II Year)
Coordinator(PlayerUnknownBattleground) – VedantDhaulakhandi (EC) (IV Year)
Souveek Roy (IT) (IV Year)

Workshop on basics of IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS)

BIC (BKBIET INNOVATION CENTRE) and ACM BKBIET has organized a workshop for students who are interested in IOT which is the most popular and trending topic in the electronics and computing world. Given below is a module which shows us what were the topics covered in basics of IOT workshop.

Introduction to IOT – Introduction to IOT as one of the key digital technology and its importance

Application of IOT – Ability to IOT to solve real world problems with help of any tech
Aurdino board – Introduction to Aurdino micro controller and description on pin diagram
Aurdino – hello world and led blink program Running the hello world program and led blink program
Sensor based use cases Working with sensors for use cases in the real world – LCD interfacing , temperature
Sensor based use cases – Working with sensors for use cases in the real world – ultrasonic
Discussion – Smart Projects – Discussion on future of iot and using it in smart India

Technical Coordinators – MohitSankholia (CS) (III Year)
Anil Kumar Prajapat (CS) (III Year)
Rajat Ranjan (CS) (III Year)
Coordinators – VedantDhaulakhandi (EC) (IV Year)
ChinmaySahal (CS) (III Year)
Kamayani Goswami (CS) (III Year)